VS28/VS33/VS40/VS55 amplifier/vacuum stations

  • Amplified blowing injection
  • Compatible with all insulation blowing machines
  • High air volume flows for compact machines
  • For big raisings, heavy or high agglomerated materials
  • Usable as a vacuum station (cleaning or removal of old building materials)
  • Dust extraction for machines with outlet at the hopper (EM300/EM400/EM500)
VS28 and VS33

The amplifier/vacuum stations VS28,VS33,VS40 and VS55 help you with amplified blowing injection to master high demands with a compact insulation blowing machine. For example: Heavy insulation material or high raisings.
Heavy or highly agglomerated insulation blowing materials will be transported with the amplified air flow to the building element without blockages. Moreover, in accordance with manufacturing regulations, the thermal insulation installation is guaranteed.

The VS55,VS40,VS33 and the VS28 have a synchronization function. A control signal is exchanged over a control lead between the amplifier and insulation blowing machine. This function balances the power of both machines.
This is a standard which all X-Floc machines meet.

Further fields of application in combination with a suction drum:

  • Cleaning material leftovers from the building site.
  • Aspiration of all old building materials (filler material in inserted ceilings)
  • Removal of old filler and insulation materials
  • Dust extraction at a insulation blowing machine with self contained hopper (e.g. EM300 or EM400)
  • Dust extraction of injection lances with ventilation
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Broschure Amplifier-/ Vacuum stations

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