GBA2000 Big bale shredder

  • Suitable for all loose or compressed blow-in insulation materials
  • Automated blowing process
  • Several large bales can be stocked
  • Own crusher and agitator
  • Own blower system
  • Replaces a big bale conditioner and EM430 blowing machine
  • Scalable modular system


Big bale shredder GBA2000

For the purposeful and professional extension of our stationary plant technology, X-Floc has created the GBA2000 big bale shredder. With a storage volume of up to two big bales and the possibility to further automate the filling process by a conveyor belt, the GBA has the back of the person filling the bales. Thanks to its design, the GBA2000 allows material - even loose material - to be refilled at any time through the top-opening hatch. With its own powerful blower unit, which ensures a high air and thus throughput capacity, there is no more need for a blowing machine optimized for factory filling.

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