Element filling systems

Based on the EP800 insulation blowing panel, the GBF1050 bale conditioning system and the EM400 insulation blowing machine series

  • Industrial, consistent manufacturing processes
  • Efficiency through automation
  • Scalable modular system
  • Compatibility with different blow-in insulation materials
  • Adjustable filling excess height

EP800 injection panel

The basic version of the EP800 injection panel has five large blowing nozzles and four pneumatically driven material diverters (diameter = 3 inches), which, depending on the insulation material used and the desired installation density, enable material throughputs of well over 1 t/h. The height of the blow-in nozzles can be adjusted by several centimetres to achieve the optimum blow-in pattern for each insulation material used, and the material diverters can be supplied with the required compressed air at the factory. The EP800 injection panel (and the other machines in a factory filling system) is controlled by a high-quality industrial controller "Made in Germany" and software developed by us. After placing the blow-in panel on the unplanked element on one side, only the dimensions (length, width, height) and the insulation material used need to be entered, after which the blow-in process can be started.

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GBA2000 Big bale shredder

For the purposeful and professional extension of our stationary plant technology, X-Floc has created the GBA2000 big bale shredder. With a storage volume of up to two big bales and the possibility to further automate the filling process by a conveyor belt, the GBA has the back of the person filling the bales. Thanks to its design, the GBA2000 allows material - even loose material - to be refilled at any time through the top-opening hatch. With its own powerful blower unit, which ensures a high air and thus throughput capacity, there is no more need for a blowing machine optimized for factory filling.

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GBF1050 bale conditioning machine

The GBF1050 bale conditioning machine ensures that the insulation blowing machine is filled with insulation material almost without interruption. For this purpose, so-called „big bales“ are used, which can be fed to the bale conditioning machine by means of a pallet truck, forklift or conveyor belt. Depending on the manufacturer, big bales consist of pressed insulation blocks of the appropriate size or loosely stacked, unpacked standard bales. The milling unit, consisting of 18 milling blades, dissolves the big bale layer by layer and feeds the pre-loosened material to the blowing machine. The logical control system and the numerous sensors used on the GBF1050 and the insulation blowing machine ensure almost uninterrupted material transport.

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GBB big bale bunker

The GBB big bale bunker is just right for companies that already have a suitable blow-in machine and want to process big bales without investing in an additional system. Designed as a flexible modular system, the GBB can transform an EM430 blowing machine into an efficient blowing machine with storage capacity! The insulation material is supplied to the machine in already crushed pieces by means of attached crushing shafts and is further broken up by the machine and transported into the frame element.

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EM400 insulation blowing machine

Consistently high material throughput due to the use of proven material shredders and powerful, durable turbine technology for air generation make the EM430 insulation blowing machine the first choise for factory filling. Four rotating shredding shafts and the two chaff spindles of the two-stage agitator prepare each kind of loose insulating material optimally for its pneumatic conveying and professional installation. The large rotary air lock conveys the loosened insulation material into the air flow of the five-stage high-performance turbine, which provides the necessary material acceleration and conveyance. All functions and parameters of the insulation blowing machine responsible for a successful blowing process can of course be taken over by the control of the factory filling system. Manual intervention is no longer necessary.

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GBF1050 bale conditioning system

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EM400 insulation blowing machine

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