Adhesive spray head, Inline NW50>24

Spray head with inline nozzle for injection and adhesion of EPS granules. A complete wetting of the EPS beads enables a permanent solidification of the hollow layers insulation after the adhesive has been hardened. Settlements, material trickling out through gaps and cracks or subsequent changes can therefore not occur. The thin-walled nozzle pipe with its special shaped outlet enables a high processing speed at a relatively small bore diameter.

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  • Hose connection for insulation material: NW50 (2’’)
  • Nozzle pipe: outer diameter D=24mm, insertion depth approx. 260mm, spoon shaped outlet
  • Easy to change nozzle pipe insert
  • Connection for liquid adhesive: single-lever coupling (1/4’’) with shut-off valve (max. pressure 20bar)
  • Material throughput: approx. 0,25l/min. at 10bar
  • Weight: approx. 0,95kg

Details on adhesive technology can be found in the brochure:

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