Principle of dense blowing with ventilation

Ventilated Dry Injection

The blowing injection of walls and similar building elements can be done with ventilated rotary nozzles (X-Jet, J-Jet or S-Jet) and ventilated injection lances. This method moves the air which transports, spreads and densifies the insulation material controlled out of the building element. The ventilation is integrated in the nozzle or lance. So the injection hole is used for inflow of the insulation material and the outflow of excess air.

Passive Ventilation

The excess is led out and filtered through a dust bag. This bag ist connected at the outlet of the ventilated rotary nozzle. The process is started by the over pressure in the element while the blowing injection.

Active Ventilation

The excess air is aspirated activey by a suction device at the outlet of the rotary nozzle.

Typical Blowing Insulation Materials

  • Cellulose
  • Wood fibre
  • Glass wool
  • Rockwool
  • Sea weed (Posidonia)
  • Weed fibre
  • Wool or composites
Cellulose, wood fibre, glass wool, rock wool, sea weed
Ventilated rotary nozzles S-Jet, J-Jet, X-Jet and injection lances
Ventilated rotary nozzles and injection lances
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