Measurement devices

Sometimes, it is necessary to monitor our work, materials and devices, which is why we offer numerous measurement and checking devices for blow-in professionals.
Some of these devices can also be used for presenting blowing insulation technology – for example, test elements or density test set. You can get architects, constructional engineers and house builders of blowing insulation to carry out these checks.
In this product range, we have also kept a close eye on our progress regarding the development of tools which are compatible most insulation materials. Our solutions are suited for most licensed materials on the market (cellulose, wood fibre, glass wool, rock wool, eps granules, mineral granules or composites).

Another area where we develop measurement devices, is for insulation material manufacturers or material-testing institutions. Our experience from the blowing insulation business affords us with the necessary know-how for developing apparatuses according to the standard EN 15101-2. 

We maintain a close-working relationship with university research and development departments. In the past, we have carried out numerous research projects. We have always been forward-looking by trying to develop our blowing insulation technology and blowing insulation materials as much as possible. If you are interested in working with us, please follow this link

Brochure measurement devices (1.5 MB)

Desnity test set with digital scale and hole saw

Density test set NW100

The X-Floc NW100 density testing set enables the user to test the density of the installed loose-fill blowing insulation, e.g. cellulose, wood fibre, rock wool or glass wool.

The measuring range goes from 40 to a 450 mm insulation thickness and an installation density from approx. 25 to 200 kg/m³.

The density testing set can be used to test all elements at selected points, e.g. walls, pitched roofs, ceilings and floors. The installation density can be reliably tested, thus allowing you to check the quality of the insulating work.

Density test set NW100 (378.9 kB)

Test elements for loose insulation material

Test elements for checks, tests and demonstrations

Reliable dry injection, open-blowing and cavity wall insulation.

0.1 m3 test element

  • Dry injection with hose through the injection rosette (vertical/ diagonal/ horizontal).
  • Dry injection with ventilated rotary nozzle through a drill hole on the back of the element (vertical/diagonal).
  • Open blowing (horizontal)
  • Damp spray (vertical/horizontal)
  • Material settlement testing, thickness measuring, density testing and weighing
  • Removable plexiglas door

0.0175 m3 test element for cavity wall insulation/mineral wool

  • Test element for testing the installation density for blown-in mineral fibre cavity wall insulation according to EN 14064-2, annex C.
  • Removable front panel for checking the installed insulation
  • Practical locking device for quick emptying
  • Increased stability thanks to an enlarged base.
  • Gripping handles makes handling and transporting easy.
  • Robust multiplex material and reinforced metal on the rear wall opposite the injection hole.

Test elements (878.5 kB)

Tickness gauge for open blown insulation materials

Thickness gauges

Thickness gauges for determining installation thickness with open blowing according to the standards EN 15101-2 and EN 14064-2. Consists of:

  • Test panel 200 × 200 (200/80 g)
  • Test rod for insulation thicknesses of up to approx. 50 cm
Borescope XF310x9-LED for cavity inspections

Borescope XF310x9-LED

Cavity inspections with the latest LED technology

  • Cordless compact borescope
  • Outstanding image quality and super-bright illumination with LED technology
  • High depth of focus
  • Suitable adapters for digital cameras available

Borescope XF310x9-LED (539.7 kB)

Test benches for loose insulation material

Impact excitation/vibration test benches for loose insulation material

Impact Excitation Test Bench acc. to EN 15101-1:

  • Settlement determination of
    • Bulk filling with insulation materials
    • Open blown cellulose insulation material
    • Dry injected cellulose insulation material
  • According to the standards of ISO/CD 18393 and EN 15101-1
  • Compatibly for testing basket (specimen box) 0.1 m³ (Prod. no. 315)

Vibration Test Bench acc. EN 15101-1

  • Settlement determinations of
    • Dry injected cellulose insulation materials (LFCI) and other blowing insulation materials
    • Blowing insulation in walls, roofs and roof pitches
  • According to the standard of EN 15101-1
  • Compatible test element (specimen box) 0.345/0.144 m³ on request

Test benches (993.2 kB)