Measuring and testing equipment

Precision technology for measurements, tests and presentations

For more than two decades, X-Floc has been regarded as a competence centre for pneumatic conveying of insulation materials. We offer our customers everything from a single source in the field of blow-in technology. We always keep in mind the guiding principle that X-Floc products are suitable for almost all blow-in insulation materials available on the market.

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Thanks to our practical experience as a machine and equipment manufacturer, we have the know-how to develop standard-compliant measuring and testing equipment for the blow-in technician as well as for insulation manufacturers and material testing institutes. We also maintain close cooperation with university research institutes and development departments. The Vibration test rig according to EN 15101-1, for example, was developed in cooperation with the Luwig-Maximilians University in Munich.

Some products from this category are not only excellent for measurements and tests, but also for the presentation of blow-in technology. Among others, with the Density testing set NW100 you can convince architects and building technicians as well as building owners of the blown-in thermal insulation.


Details on measuring and testing devices can be found in the brochure:

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Desnity test set with digital scale and hole saw

Density testing set NW100

The Density testing set NW100 is used for reliable testing of the installation density of loose blow-in insulation materials such as cellulose, wood and mineral fibres. The basic set consists of a 500mm-long penetration tube with ISO scale foiling as well as an electronic test scale (up to 2,200g) and can be used selectively on any elements such as walls, roof slopes, ceilings and floors.

  • Measuring range insulation thickness: 40-470mm
  • Measuring range installation density: 20-155kg/m3

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The kit for density testing is also available as a complete set in a case and with a hole saw (D=106,5mm) as well as a power supply for the digital scale. The test tube can be supplied in 800mm length and with Imperial scale on request.




Borescope XF310x9-LED for cavity inspections

Borescope camera

The Borescope for cavity inspection is equipped with state-of-the-art LED technology, one front camera and up to two side cameras. A switch for selecting the respective camera is integrated in the cable. Sound recordings are made via the built-in microphone and the ability to select several menu languages ensures a high degree of user-friendliness.

  • Video and image recording
  • Image resolution: 1080P Full HD
  • Video resolution: 720P HD
  • Screen: 4.5 inch colour screen

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The endoscope camera is extremely well suited for the internal inspection and inspection of insulation in hollow masonry, beam and timber constructions, building renovations, heating and ventilation systems, sanitary installations, castings and rock drillings.

More information about the borescope camera with two or three lenses:

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Test elements for loose insulation material

Test elements for checks, tests and demonstrations

The Testing element 0,1m3 is used for compressed injection, open inflation, damp spraying and injection with a lance. The classic application is testing the installation density. Due to the Plexiglas front, blowing-in processes can also be demonstrated very well with this test element. The model is available with a fixed lid as well as with a removable lid for easy emptying.

  • Test volume: 0,1m3
  • Dimensions: approx. 550x334x920mm (WxHxD)
  • Unladen weight: approx. 22kg

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The Testing element 0,015 m3 is used to test the installation density when blowing in mineral fibre core insulation. It is made of robust multiplex material with a metal-reinforced rear wall and an enlarged base plate that ensures a firm stand. It can be emptied quickly by means of practical box locks and a handle simplifies handling and weighing.

  • Test volume: 0,015m3
  • Dimensions: approx. 570x130x530mm (WxHxD)
  • Unladen weight: approx. 8kg

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Both test elements are equipped with a removable front panel for inspection of the filling result.


Test benches for loose insulation material

Settlement test rigs

The Impact excitation test bench according to EN 15101-1 is a device for testing the settlement under impact excitation. It is used for settlement testing of loose fillings with thermal insulation materials as well as for open inflation and compacted injection of cellulose fillings.

  • Dimensions: approx. 750x750x670mm (LxWxH)
  • Rated power: approx. 0,75kW
  • Weight: approx. 110kg

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The Vibration test rig according to EN 15101-1 is used to test the slump under vibrations. It is used for testing the settlement of compressed cellulose fillers and other blown-in insulation materials in walls, ceilings and roof slopes. The mounting plate can be tilted steplessly up to 900. The desired inclination is set exactly with the help of an angle scale.

  • Dimensions: approx. 1200x1300x1090/1760mm (LxWxH1/H2)
  • Rated power: approx. 0,9kW
  • Weight: approx. 270kg

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Both settlement testing rigs are stable steel frames with powder-coated surface. They are equipped with lashing eyes for fixing the sample container (test element) with the help of straps.