M95 Zellofant insulation blowing machine

  • Robust design
  • High performance
  • High material compatibility
  • High mobility
  • Tyres well-suited for building sites
  • Maintenance-friendly
M95 Zellofant functional principle
M95 Zellofant functional principle

The growing variety of insulation blowing systems poses new and ever-changing challenges for the machine technology sector.

Since its development in 1995, the M95 Zellofant has been constantly refined and adapted to meet market Needs, thus making it fully-capable and competent of fulfilling all current market requirements.

The basic machine concept, with the removable hopper and compact machine base, form the basis for the machine's success. Powerful and wear free drive systems combined with unique control options have ensured the sustainability of its success.

The control box contains only reliable and high-quality components. The control circuit and drive motors are effectively protected against overload and shorts circuits. The wiring and arrangement comply with the applicable regulations and are clearly laid out and easy to understand. The operating instructions are easy to understand, even for untrained personnel and facilitate maintenance work.

Unique control options

The cable or radio remote control enables direct adjustment of all of the important machine parameters direct from the injection point. Clearly structured controls, optical and acoustic warning signals support the user. Additional functions like pressure signalling, dynamic pressure control and automatic shut down further facilitate the insulating process and allow for optimal results to be achieved.

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M95 conditioning principle
M95 conditioning principle
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Compatible blowing insulation materials

X-Floc insulation blowing machines have a very high compatibilty concerning to insulation materials. The following materials can be applied:

  • Probe cellulose insulation materialCellulose:
    Advanced Fibre cellulose, AislaNat, Applegate, Arbocel Climasafe, Arctic Fiber, Austrozell, Bellouate, Biocell, Biofib Isolation, Cellaouate, Cell Floc, Cellisol, Cel-Pak, Climacell, Climacell pure, Climacell S, Clima Ouate, Clima-Super, Climatizer Plus, Dämmstatt, Dobry Ekovilla, Dolcea, EC cellulose, Ecocel, Ekofiber, Ecovata, Fiberlite, Finefloc, Flocomobil, Floci-Cell, Forest Wool, Franceouate, Greenfiber, iCell, Igloo, Isocell, Isodan CI 040, Isofiber, Isofloc eco, Isofloc F, Isofloc L/LM, Isofloc LW, Isofloc neo, Isol+, Isoprof, Isol’quate, i3-Cellulose, Just Been Green, Klima-Tec-Flock, Klima-Tec-Schütt, Mono-Therm, Nesocell, Northern Fiber, Nu-Wool, Ouateco, Ouateco Premium, Ouateco Nature, Pavafloc, Poesis-Floc, Renocell, Selluvilla, STEICOfloc, Swissfloc, Tempelan, Termex, Thermocel 040, Thermofloc, Thermopal 35, Thermopal 35/3, United Fibers, Unifloc, Univercell, Warmcel Thermal, Wolfinger Dämmzellulose, Zimicell etc.
  • Probe wood fibre insulation materialWoodfibre:
    Airflex, FIBRE Holzfaser, Hoiz, KKS-Woodfibre, KKS-Woodfibre ApS, Lignozell, Jasmin, STEICOzell, Thermofibre, Thermocell, Termoträ, Woodycell etc.
  • Probe glass wool and rock wool Mineral fibre (glass wool or rock wool):
    Astratherm, Climastone, Comblissimo, Ecofibre KD, Fibrexpan, Flumroc, Greenguard, Indi-Flock, Insulsafe, Insulsafe FI, Insulsafe FR, Inslusafe
    Plus, Insuver, ISG, Isomat ISG, Isover Comblissimo, Knauf Insulation LW F, Knauf Insulation ProtectFill, Paroc BLT 5, Paroc BLT 7, Paroc BLT 9, Projiso, Rathiflock, Rockwool, Stonefloc, Supafil Cavity Wall 034, Supafil Loft Plus, Supafil Timber Frame, Thermacoustic TC-417, Teko-Flock,Trendi-Flock etc.
  • probe mineral granulesMineral granules:
    Bachl Perlit HY, Extraperl, Fillrock KD/RG, Hyperdämm, Hyperlite KD, Liapor F2B/3/4, Paroc Einblaswolle, Paroc BLT 7 Perli-Fill F, Perli-Fill, Schacoulite Roof Top, SLS20, Thermofill S/S40, Thermo-Floor, Thermoperl, Thermo-Plan, Thermo-Roof etc.
  • Probe EPS granulesEPS granules:
    Bodiflock XPS, Conlit Firesafe, Dämmperl 035, Duroperl 35, Easy-Fill 034/033, EPS 033, Granublow 033/035, HK35, HK33, H2 Wall,
    Isofloc Pearl, Jomaperl, Neopor, Rigibead 035/033, Rathipur KD, Styrodämm 033, SwissporEPS Perlen etc.
  • Fire protection plaster/other:
    Agricell, Cafco, CEMWOOD CW 2000, Conlit Firesafe, Daussan, ECOFIBRE Brandschutz - FonaTerm, ECOFIBRE Installationsschacht Brandschutz - Lehm-Deckenschüttung (Conluto), Metisse flocon, Neptutherm, Novidem, Unifirex etc.


More details about the compatibility and the possible blowing injection methods can be seen in the following documents:

Broschure Zellofant M95

Current Broschure Zellofant M95:

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