Stromerzeuger/Generatoren XE10kW/XE14kW/XE15kW

For an independent power supply on construction sites

  • Optimal for use with insulation blowing machines
  • Comapct and low noise
  • Power independence and reliability on construction sites

Power generators 1300 rpm.

The mobile XM power generators are petrol generators specially designed for the requirements of the blow-in specialist business. The electronically controlled synchronous generators are equipped with reversing or electric starters and are driven by brushless, air-cooled 3000 rpm. motors. Motor and single-phase or three-phase alternator form a compact unit. Mounted on a tubular frame or steel framework and limited in design to the essentials, they also impress with their low space requirement in your vehicle. Both the high-quality electrical components and the protection and fuse systems (e.g. insulation monitoring) ensure that all power generators meet the requirements for operating common blow-in machines and auxiliary equipment. 

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Details on generators can be found in the brochure:

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Power generator 1500 rpm.

For high minimum requirements and on permanent construction sites, where the construction work as well as the professional use of blow-in machines takes place over a longer period of time and mobility is not the decisive criterion, a diesel generator may be more suitable. When deciding on a diesel generator, an emergency generator with electric start is recommended, such as the XM20kVA from X-Floc.

Which power generator is best?

Petrol or diesel is not the only question. The installation site must be taken into account when deciding on the right generator, but the most important thing is to determine your needs. In our brochure you will find some information about calculating the minimum requirement and the rough preliminary selection of suitable generators. However, the choice of the right generator always requires individual advice. X-Floc offer you competent service for the selection and use of your power generator. 

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X-Floc Insulation blow-in machines

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