GBF1050 bale conditioning system

  • Compatible with most insulation blowing machines
  • Appropriate for big bales of cellulose, wood fibre and mineral wool
  • Remarkable efficiency for thermal insulation of prefab elements
GBF1050 functional principle
GBF1050 functional principle

The GBF1050 bale conditioning system is a machine for processing big bales of grouted insulation material or stacked bales. Together with an EM400 insulation blowing machine and the EP800 element filling plate it is the perfect system for prefab blowing insulation.

The machine is well-suited for stationary factory use. It is the foundation of highefficient filling of wall and ceiling prefab elements.
The grouted insulation material is loosened (1) and and conveyed over the throw-off (2) to the insulation blowing machine (3). The bale conditioning system has a level measurement (4). When the hopper of the insulation blowing machine is full, the conditioning process will be interrupted.

Many types of insulation blowing machines can be used. The amount of material being fed through can also be adjusted accordingly.

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GBF1050 without insulation machine
GBF1050 without insulation machine
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