Insulation blowing machines

EM100 EinblasmaschineM99 Minifant EinblasmaschineM95 Zellofant EinblasmaschineEM300 EinblasmaschineEM400 EinblasmaschineEM500 Einblasmaschine

Amplifier/vacuum stations

Amplification of the air power of insulation blowing machines, cleaning of building sites or aspiration of building material rests and active dust removal at filling hoppers of insulation blowing machines.


Amplifier/vacuum station VS28/VS33


Have you ever experienced power blackouts on the building site? Poor electrical power supply? A missing three-phase current? Then eradicate these threats and avoid downtime by equipping yourselves with a X-Floc generator for insulation blowing machines.


Generators XE10kW/XE14kW
Bale conditioning system GBF1050 with EM400

Bale conditioning system GBF1050

In the prefab/off-site construction field the blowing insulation material can be delivered in big bags. The GBF1050 bale conditioning system does the preliminary shredding and carries it to the insulation blowing machine. The high-performance insulation blowing machine EM400 does the fine preparation the pneumatic transport through the conveyor hose.


Used insulation blowing machines from X-Floc and SHS

Used Machines and Auxiliary Equipment

Depending on the availability, we can provide used insulation blowing machines and amplifiers that have been refurbished. We offer X-Floc machines and machines from other manufacturers, which we accepted in part exchange.