Insulation blowing mobiles

Standard working equipment and customized solutions

Trailers, containers and converted transport vehicles according to your demands

  • Professional working equipment
  • Sophisticated components
  • Ideal alignment
  • Suitable for both long & short distance
  • Available with your company's advertising
  • Highly customizable
Insulation blowing mobile with your advertising

X-Floc insulation blowing mobiles are essentially fully equipped trailers, vehicles and containers for blow-in professionals. Your insulation blowing machine will be placed conveniently inside the trailer or vehicle. In addition, a system drawing for hose lines and electrical installations will be designed. Every piece of equipment will receive secure stowage solution.

The insulation blowing mobiles are ideal for both beginners as well as for companies with advanced insulation blowing teams. Moreover, it can be advantageous for builders' merchants to offer a hired vehicle and is indeed a gateway for introducing customers to blowing insulation.

The following configuration options are available:

  • Insulation blowing machines M95, EMX250, EM300, EM400 and EM500
  • Canvas cover or box body
  • Complete electrical installation with illumination
  • Translucent roofs
  • Hose system with hose reel, vacuum system, fibre switch, suction drum and amplifier/vacuum station
  • Stowage solutions (racks, drawers or mountings)
  • Foldaway ramps
  • 100 km/h-permission
  • Loading space for insulation material
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