Fulls sets for blowing insulation

Full Sets for Blowing Insulation

We would like to help you with your access to blowing insulation. You don't just need an insulation blowing machine, depending on the blowing injection method and insulation material, you will need different hoses and injection tools.

You can gain the required know-how and the consulting service from us. Due to our long-term development work and our big range of products, you will be in very good hands.

We will find the machine best-suited for your project dimensions and application area. Depending on this consulting, we suggest a hose set consisting of conveyor and injection hoses, hose connectors, reducer tubes, hose clamps and injection tools like X-Jet, J-Jet or S-Jet.

Blowing insulation materials: e.g. cellulose, wood fibre, glass wool, rock wool or eps granules

We always take into account the blowing insulation material you use, the material volumes, the local circumstances and the blowing injection methods (open/attic blowing, dense blowing, cavity wall insulation or damp spraying/CSO)

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