EM430 Einblasmaschine

  • High air and throughput capacity
  • Optimized for use in a factory filling system
  • Powerful crusher and agitator
  • Can be used individually or in combination with GBF1050 or GBB
  • Scalable modular system


EM430 high-performance blowing machine

Consistently high material throughput thanks to the use of proven material shredding units and powerful, durable turbine technology for air generation make the EM430 blowing machine the first choice for factory filling. The four rotating shredding shafts and the two shredding shafts of the two-stage loosening unit optimally prepare any loose insulation material for pneumatic conveying and professional installation. The large rotary valve transports the loosened material into the air flow of the five-stage high-performance turbine, which provides the necessary material acceleration and conveying. All the functions and parameters of the blowing machine responsible for a successful blowing process can, of course, be taken over by the control of the factory filling system, manual intervention is no longer necessary.

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