Cables and electrical accessories for insulation blowing machines

Cables and electrical accessories

The power unit of X-Floc insulation blowing machines exclusively consists of electrical power supply. We provide machines with either 230 V or 400 V power supply. We also have combinations of both electrical tensions.
The use of adapters, junctions and testing devices is often necessary because of the different local conditions and machine configurations.

Our machines can be controlled manually using cable controls. The required control lines must bridge many distance meters without any interference.
Insulation blowing machines and amplifier/vacuum stations can exchange start-stop or synchronization signals with control cables.

We can cover those demands with our product range perfectly. Blow-in professionals are more than satisfied with our range.
If you desperately need something that is not included in our range just contact us by clicking on this link.
Our electrical department has developed numerous simple and user-friendly solutions for every day problems in blowing insulation.

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