Damp spraying / Fire protection

In the damp spraying process, loose fibre material is applied to walls, ceilings, boilers, pipes and fittings etc. by means of special spraying systems moistened with water. The moisture dissolves the binders in the fibres and the insulation material becomes adhesive. Sprayed on smoothly and evenly open, the fibres form a permanent bond with the surface and create a highly effi cient thermal barrier as well as eff ective sound and corrosion protection. Optionally, an adhesive can be added to the water, which increases the bonding effect. In preventive fire protection, cement or gypsum, for example, is used as a binder and in some cases adhesive base layers are applied before the fire protection plaster. In addition to these applications, the process is also used for special effects, e.g. for cellulose snow on film sets.

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Spray heads and spray pipes

Spray Heads and Spray Pipes

  • Spray heads

Smaller spray heads with up to two spray nozzles are particularly suitable for wall and ceiling coatings. Spray heads with three or more nozzles can also be used for wall coating. In practice, these nozzles are mainly used for open/attic blowing.

  • Spray pipes

Spray pipes or terminators with four spray nozzles are mostly used for open application of insulation layers with dust binding and consolidation of the insulation material as well as for spraying insulation layers with finer nozzle sets. They offer a high degree of accuracy when applying the insulation material, even from a distance of several metres. Terminator 4-jet spray heads are equipped with a handle and a ball swivel joint, making them very comfortable to handle.

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Piston pump and diaphragm pump


In the damp spraying process, pure water or a water-adhesive mixture is added to the fibre material. Depending on the application, the liquid is delivered by piston or diaphragm pumps. With both pumps, the working pressure can be precisely adjusted and read off via a pressure gauge.

  • Piston pump

The piston pump is used to pump pure water and is connected directly to the water pipe via a hose. If necessary, this pump can be supplied from a slightly higher tank, as the water must reach the pump with some pressure.

  • Diaphragm pump

The diaphragm pump can be used to draw water from a container. This can be used to process both pure water and a low-viscosity water/glue mixture.

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Wall scrubbers

Wall Scrubbers

Wall scrubbers are used to remove protruding insulation material and to smooth the surface. The abrasion is done by means of a supergrip profile. The rollers have a fiction coating that can be renewed relatively easily if it is worn out due to intensive use of the wall scrubber.

  • Wall scrubber M05

The M05 wall scrubber with 4m long cable is driven by a 230VAC carbon brush motor by means of a V-belt. The M05 model is available in brush widths of 690mm (optionally extendable to 990mm on both sides) and 1000mm.

  • Battery wall scrubber

The ultra-light battery wall scrubber is perfect for working in hard-to-reach places, overhead or in similarly uncomfortable postures. Uninterrupted work is made possible by the battery-powered angle drill, which can run in continuous operation thanks to the interchangeable battery and quick charger supplied.

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Inline humidifier/Adhesive technology

Inline humidification/Adhesive technology

  • Inline humidifier

An inline humidifier is a hose connector with an internal spray nozzle that is activated via a solenoid valve when the material feed is switched on. Water is now added and this creates a liquid mist that binds the fine particles contained in the material flow so that less dust is created when the material exits.

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  • Adhesive technology

The spray head Inline/Adhesive NW50 is used for blowing in and gluing EPS granulate. Due to the complete wetting of the granulate beads, the hollow layer solidifies permanently after the adhesive has set. The nozzle tube with specially shaped outlet allows a high processing speed. The nozzle tube insert is easily replaceable.

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You can find more information on adhesive technology here.