Damp Spraying/CSO

The damp spraying method works using water in that, the insulation material is dampened with water as it leaves the hose. The humidity causes a loosening of the Lignin in the insulation material and a conglutination of the material. The damp insulation material can thereat be applied permanently on walls and roofs. This isn't possible with dry material. Spray heads or pipes with multiple spray nozzles are used for damping the material.

The insulation material stream can be flawlessly imbrued and bunched by using two or more spray nozzles. This stream can be built up to the desired thickness. When glue is added to the water, the binding effect increases. Higher thicknesses are no longer an obstacle and processing the thermal-insulato material is a lot easier.

Spray heads and spray pipes

Spray Heads and Spray Pipes

The two different main applications in damp spraying:

  • Wall coating and ceiling elements adding water or water-glue-mix
  • Open blowing with water

Smaller spray heads with up to two spray nozzles are especially suitable for wall and ceiling coatings. Mostly only water without glue is used (cellulose). Spray heads with three and more spray nozzles can be used for wall coatings because of the precise adjustment options. In practice, these tools are mainly used for open blowing.

Spray pipes (Terminators) have further advantages compared to spray heads:

  • Improved accuracy by coating with insulation material with high distance
  • Easier and more comfortable handling thanks to the handles and rotary connector
Piston pump and diaphragm pump


High pressure pumps are used for suplementing the material flow with liquid.
Two types of pumps are used here:

  • Piston pumps
  • Diaphragm pumps

Piston pump
The piston pump needs a water-connection making refilling unnecessary. The working pressure can be fine-tuned using the adjustment wheel and a manometer.

Diaphragm pump
Using this type of pump, water can be pumped out of a tank (bucket/drum), thus enabling you to work with your own water-glue-mixes. The working pressure can be fine-tuned using the adjustment wheel and a manometer.

Wall scrubbers

Wall Scrubbers

The fast way to smooth surfaces.

The X-Floc wall scrubbers offer fast and easy stripping and smoothing for overlapping loose insulation coatings which are produced when damp spraying in studwork and cavities. Neither old nor new buildings affect these functions. The accurate stripping makes a precise closing of the cavities with the desired planking material possible.