Respiratory protection and overall

Respiratory equipment

Ideal for insulation-blowing professionals

The feeding of insulation blowing machines and the blowing injection itself are never completely dust-free. Other than using sealing solutions whilst blowing injection holes – sealing sponges or injection bezels – there is an option to use passive or active respiratory equipment – breathing masks.

Professional respiratory equipment has the following advantages:

  • Protects mouth, eyes and nose
  • Enables a more fluid workflow when working in very dusty conditions
  • Increases personnel motivation
  • Promotes better project results

Insulation blowing materials get deposited in every small opening underneath clothing. Some of them are skin-irritating. Our hooded-overall provides additional protection from irritable dust particles since it covers all openings, thus making open/attic blowing much more comfortable.

Breathing masks

Professional breathing masks

We offer professional breathing masks which meet National Licensing Standards. The design is extremely robust and specially designed for building sites. All devices are ideal for working with loose insulation materials. Air filters, batteries and accessories for breathing masks can be found in our product range. Please ask us…