Arbeitsschutz und Atemschutz für Einblastechniker

Respiratory Protection

Ideal for insulation blow-in professionals

The filling of insulation blowing machines and the blow-in process itself are never completely dust-free. Apart from the sealing options during blowing, such as sealing sponges whilst blowing with hoses or blowing needles as well as working with vented blowing nozzles and blowing lances, there is the option of using passive and active protection masks.

Professional respiratory protection has the following advantages:

  • High wearing comfort due to low overall weight
  • Complete protection of eyes, nose and mouth
  • Sufficient fresh air in environments with a high particle load
  • High acceptance from the injector

In addition, insulation blowing materials settle under clothing through all openings and some are very irritating to the skin. Additional protection is provided by a work suit with a hood that covers all openings. This makes the work much more pleasant, especially during open/attic blowing.

Professional Respirators

We offer professional respirators which meet National Licensing Standards. The designs are robust and suitable for construction sides. All devices are ideally suited for working with loss insulation materials. Air filters, batteries and accessories for these respirators can also be found in our product range.
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