New solutions for big bale handling

by Jack Schaller (comments: 0)


Intelligent concepts for prefabrication insulation - new big bale handling systems from X-FLoc

X-Floc factory filling systems are optimized systems for efficient insulation processes in the plant and are available in a variety of different designs. From the high-throughput, high-performance blowing machine to the big bale conditioner, which feeds the insulation big bales to the machine pre-shredded, to the blowing plate, which as the "final component" introduces the insulation into the element through several nozzle outlets. For big bale handling, X-Floc now has two more solutions in its range. For those who do not want a combined solution of an EM400 blowing machine and GBF1050 big bale conditioner, the GBA2000 big bale shredder combines the advantages of big bale handling in one machine. Those who already own a suitable blowing machine can transform it into a large volume blower using the GBB kit.

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