Photo of the test stand for characteristic curves with a comparison diagram
Test stand for quality assurance of insulation blowing machines and amplifiers

Quality Assurance

We are famous for the long life time and the building site capability of our products. We assure that with several quality checks. Every machine which leaves our factory is checked most accurately before. At the final inspection a test protocol is used. So no test can be forgotten.
Our insulation blowing machines and amplifier/vacuum stations are measured in a test stand for characteristic curves exactly. So we make sure that the described performance values for maximum conveying pressure as well as the maximum air flow volume per hour are really achieved. At the test stand a protocol and a diagram of the characteristic curve is made. 
These protocol are delivered with the documents of the machine to be transparent.

In the technical data of every machine we give nominal and measured values for the air flow volume. The nominal value corresponds to the sum of air flow volume values of every blower module which is used in the particular machine. With our test stand for characteristic curves we are able to measure exact values. These values are lower than the sum of nominal values because of construction properties and natural loss of pressure. The aim of our developments is to keep this difference at a minimum. This is one of the most important signs of quality for a high-performance insulation blowing machine.

If you are planning to buy an insulation blowing machine or you want to get exact performance data of an insulation blowing machine you should ask for these details.

Test protocol of an insulation blowing machine
Test protocol of an insulation blowing machine