Both the handling of insulation blowing machines and the processing of different blowing insulation materials require professional training and practice. Anyone in Europe wanting to work with blowing insulation materials must be certified by an insulation material manufacturer.

We have a fully equipped seminar room and a blowing insulation laboratory with all the necessary test elements, insulation blowing machines, insulation blowing tools and testing equipment in our company building. Here you have the opportunity to try blowing insulation in all variants in the presence of our in-house experts who will gladly clarify any questions you may have.

We offer these seminar and training resources to insulation manufacturers for certification courses, builders' merchants for training, building companies for intensive workshops or research institutions for experiments and demos.

Ask your insulation material manufacturer regarding seminars in our rooms.


How to take part in a certification training course:

Please note that X-Floc offers product and application training. To get certified for insulation blowing, ask your insulation manufacturer.

X-Floc training facilities

Technical equipment laboratory

  • Generous blowing insulation laboratory with footprint approx. 185 m²
  • Powerful exhausting installations for dust extraction
  • Different test elements for open blowing, dense blowing, damp spraying, element filling or cavity wall insulation
  • All X-Floc insulation blowing machines ready for testing and demos: M99, M95, EM300, EM400 and EM500
  • All X-Floc insulation blowing tools are available – e.g. injection nozzles, rotary nozzles, ventilated rotary nozzles, insulating needles or injection lances
  • Hose depot with all diameters of injection and conveyor hoses
  • Measurement devices for dense and open blowing (density test set, scales, testing basket, impact excitation test bench etc.)
  • Radio microphones and portable loudspeakers
  • Working clothes and breathing masks 
Floor plan blowing insulation laboratory
Floor plan blowing insulation laboratory

Floor plan blowing insulation laboratory

  1. Mobile test elements for dense blowing with different boards (wood fibre, vapour barrier and OSB)
  2. Test walls for damp spray
  3. Demo area: Automated element filling with blowing insulation panel EP1050
  4. Insulation blowing machine EM300
  5. Insulation blowing machine M95 Zellofant 
  6. Insulation blowing machine M99 Minifant 
  7. Equipment rack (blowing insulation tools and connectors)
  8. Insulation blowing machine EM400 and bale conditioning system GBF1050
  9. Hose depot
  10. Worker clothes
  11. Measurement devices
  12. Level slab 2: Test element roof pitch or rather element filling with injection lances

Equipment seminar room

  • Generous seminar room with foot print approx. 50 m²
  • Sufficient for approx. 20 seminar participants
  • Comfortable seating and generous tables
  • Bright pleasant room with big windows
  • Electrical blinds and dimmable light
  • Complete multimedia equipment: Data projector, silver screen, loudspeakers, mixer, radio microphones, network and internet access
  • Flip chart, pens and more moderation equipment
  • Tea kitchen, social rooms, catering options and restaurants in the proximity
Floor plan seminar room
Floor plan seminar room