Principle of damp spraying (CSO)

Damp Spraying (CSO) / Fire Protection

The damp spraying method works with water. The insulation material is dampen with water after leaving the hose. The humidity causes a loosening of the Lignin in the insulation material and a conglutination of the material. The damp insulation material can now be built up permanently open at walls and roofs.
It is different in the application of fire protection plaster which is also possible with insulation blowing machines. Here is cement or gipsum used as adhesive agent. Partially prepared surface have to be made.

The moisture is added with spray heads or pipes to the insulation material. Typically several spray nozzles are used which bundle and imbrue the material stream. The with moisture enveloped stream is built up at walls or ceilings to the desired coat thickness. In the best case the whole stream is imbrued.
Optionally glue can be added to the water. Thereby the binding effect is increased while the application. Now higher coat thicknesses can be reached or damp spraying overhead at ceilings becomes much easier.
For the conveying function of the water, piston or membrane pumps are used. They are connected to the spray heads and pipes with high-pressure hoses.

After the spraying application of the material, the insulation or fire protection can be smothed with a wall scrubber. Now a drying phase follows. When this phase is finished the desired planing material can be attached.

The damp spray method can also be used open blown to avoid wind-blown dispersal of the insulation material. This technique can be necessary for constructions in the open air or angular building elements.

Further information about open/attic blowing…

Typical Blowing Insulation or Fire Protection Materials

  • Cellulose
  • Rock wool
  • Glass wool
  • Wood fibre with license for damp spraying
  • Fire protection based on mineral wool/fibre with concrete as adhesive agent
Cellulose, rock wool, glass wool and wood fibre
Spray heads, pipes, pumps and wall scrubber
Equipment for damp spraying
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