Blowing insulation technology

In this section, you will gain an insight into the technologies surrounding blowing insulation methods. We will go through the different types of blowing injection methods, clarify the most important questions and present an overview of our training facilities.

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Basics Blowing Insulation

Illustration blowing insulation

Learn the basics about blowing insulation compared with the installation of stable insulation material. See the advantages and understand the differences. 

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Blowing Injection Methods

Blowing injection methods overview

There are different blowing injection methods like open/attic blowing, dense blowing or damp spraying. Click here to see how these methods work and where and when they are applied.



Here you can explored the research projects and joint-ventured insulation material research projects with other manufacturer.

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Training in the X-Floc laboratory

Anyone who wants to install loose insulation materials needs a license of the insulation material manufacturer in Europe in order to do so. We offer therefore our seminar room and a laboratory to meet those needs. Click here to find out where the contact points for licenses are or get information about our training resources.

Environmental protection at X-Floc

Environmental protection at X-Floc

We show responsibility for our finite resources and thus also for our environment. We achieve this through a thoughtful and careful use of energy and natural raw materials.
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We regularly inform you about product innovations, further developments, injection processes and the latest innovations in the field of insulation blowing.

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X-Floc Worldwide

X-Floc Weltweit

X-Floc is well-represented across Europe as well as numerous other countries worldwide.

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