EP800 injection plate

  • Suitable for all loose insulation materials
  • Harmonised with your insulation materials
  • Automated injection process
  • Adjustable density
  • Scalable modular system

EP800 injection panel

In the basic version, the EP800 injection panel has five large injection nozzles and four pneumatically driven material diverter valves (diameter = 3 inches), which allow material throughputs of well over 1 t/h, depending on the insulation material used and the desired installation density. The injection nozzles can be adjusted in height by several centimetres to achieve an optimum injection pattern for each insulation material used. The material diverter valves can be supplied with the required compressed air either at the factory or from an air compressor integrated in the injection panel.



The control of the EP800 injection panel - as well as the other machines in a factory filling system - is handled by a high-quality industrial controller „Made in Germany“ and special software developed by X-Floc. After placing the injection panel on the single-side unplanked element, only the dimensions (length, width, height) and the insulation material used must be entered, after which the blow-in process can be started. The respective program used (with the individually set injection parameters) and its signal evaluation of the connected measuring sensors ensure that the injection panel or the factory filling system is switched off at the right time. For archiving as well as for quality verification purposes, all settings and results used during a blow-in process (e.g. the insulation mass applied into the element) are logged in detail. The injection panel seals the element open on one side with a replaceable filter foam cover and its own weight during the blow-in process. The solid steel construction with steel sheed cladding gives the injection panel the necessary robustness to ensure the reliability required in daily use... The injection panel is operated via a wireless tablet computer for ma-ximum flexibility. The blow-in nozzles can be activated or deactivated individually, enabling the professional filling of any element geometry.

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