Fire Protection Plaster with X-Floc Insulation Blowing Machines

by Tillmann Assenheimer (comments: 0)

Spray-on machines for fire protection EM300 and M99

We are pleased to tell you that our insulation blowing machines M99-DS, M99-DS-Pro and the whole EM300 series are able to process fire protection plaster with the wet/damp spraying method as spray-on machines. Material examples with mineral fibre are: Dossolan Thermique, Fibrexpan, Projiso or Thermacoustic TC-417.

Therefor the application possibilities for X-Floc insulation blowing machines are extended dramatically. The range of potential customers is widened enormously. Typically this method is used to install fire protection for steel constructions (joists or columns) or concrete pavements (reinforced concrete). This gets more important for public buildings, hospitals, schools, commercial and industrial buildings, warehouses, airports, multi-storey buildings, multi-storey car parks, shopping malls or super markets. The material are harmless for health. Because of this reason they can be used in the food sector.

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