New: Detatchable Tubing Port

by Tillmann Assenheimer (comments: 0)

Sealed hose sleeve for dust-free blowing injection

We are extremely excited to announce the release of our ingenious new detatchable tubing port which will be presented in the fothcoming days at the Bau exhibition in Munich, Germany. It facilitates an easier, dust-free, and therefore safer, working environment at the injection point. Furthermore dense blowing with an injection hose is very comfortable and easy.

More advantages:

  • Practical tubing port for fastening in the drill-hole via the folding mechanism and indexing plunger
  • Enables hands-free use with the tube
  • Self-sealing to the cavity board by flexible sealing and by multi-layer rubber collar at the tube inlet

More details about this product can be found here:
Product data sheet sealed hose sleeve (1.3 MB)

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